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The Invictus Difference

Keeping FRESH products on shelves through our LPs that have purpose-built facilities with expansion strategies well underway or near completion.

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Invictus has grown through early acquisitions and rapid business development to what it is today.All our properties revolve around our core initiative to build out a dominant production profile that can support a wide variety of high-quality strains.With proper care and attention to detail,we are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of this new industry in an honest,transparent,and socially-responsible way.

By balancing our management and strategic experience with capital resources and production capabilities,we are positioned to create value for shareholders.

Large Canadian Footprint in cannabis real estate

Proven Performance

Strong Production Profile

Deutsche Medizinalcannabis GmbH

5-year supply and distribution agreement for a total of 10,000 kgs of dried cannabis flower.Deutsche Medizinalcannabis is an importer and distributor of medical cannabis in Germany with a vast distribution network and direct access to 20,000 pharmacies and a clear focus on product marketing and professional education.

GTEC Holdings Ltd

Right of first refusal to supply up to 30%of any cannabis order(whether for flower or oil)that GTEC is looking to source from third party suppliers.GTEC is undergoing a cannabis retail expansion strategy in Western Canada.

Leaf Wise Rx

Operates medical clinics in Alberta and employs a patient-first business model that features on-site physicians,educational guides and registration support in just four easy steps.With approximately 3,400 patients registered under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations Leaf Wise Rx will serve as a direct channel to Invictus owned Licensed Producers.

Optimized from the ground up

With presence in Alberta,British Columbia and Ontario,we are well situated to supply domestic and international markets,with facilities designed for optimal plant growth.Site-specific conditions such as climate,humidity,and fresh water supply is leveraged for their passive benefits,resulting in a highly-efficient cultivation system with low operational costs.

Our platform includes ancillary products such as plant nutrients and fertilizers,giving us direct control over every element of the growing process.Having this visibility is a crucial component to our ability to produce a safe product,time and time again.

Data-driven production

Our cultivation methodology combines proven agricultural techniques with the advantages of automation and technology.Conditions that are critical for healthy plant growth—temperature,humidity,carbon dioxide levels—are constantly monitored and optimized by an autonomous system.This mitigates risk of human error while ensuring that each facility remain lean in operation.

From clone to bud,every equipment and system design has been engineered to ensure consistent growth,high quality yields,and competitive cost per gram.