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About Us

Founded in 2014, Invictus set out to be The Cannabis Company based on two pillars – QUALITY and CONSUMER FOCUS. Added to that was a strong sense of social responsibility to ‘do good’.

Our Difference

The best way to sum up our difference in Quality is this…

If freshness matters, think Invictus.

Fresh, high-quality, cannabis that starts with clean seeds from proven sources. Grown in purpose-built, growing rooms, handpicked and packaged with care. And weekly harvesting protocols to allow for continuous flow of fresh product.

Our Consumer and Patient Focus respects the demand for consistency and delivery of favourites. But we also know there is an appetite to explore new strains for broader needs. That means variety – at any given moment we have multiple new strains in development. How do we pick which ones might meet your needs? We ask you and then we listen.

Growing good is a basic necessity.
Growing great is our difference.
Growing with you is Invictus.

Our Canadian
Footprint & Beyond

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Our LPs

Our cultivation philosophy is to grow what will garner the client satisfaction. We have and will continue to secure a strong cultivation profile through a robust research and development program. All our licensed producers share a common dedication to quality, consistency and safety, and operate within Canadian regulations.


Acreage Pharms


AB Labs